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  • INSTECH, Ltd

    Ukraine, Kyiv
    02002, off. 312, 11 M. Raskovoi vul., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002
    (044) 501-84-82, 501-84-83, 501-85-84, 501-85-86 fax:(044) 501-84-82, 501-84-83, 501-85-84, 501-85-86
    Diamond segments for saws of all dimension-types.
    Diamond saws of diam 250 - 3500 mm
    The original patented technology for manufacturing of segments
    Polishing-grinding tools
    Consulting on technology of processing of natural stone, purchasing of equipment meeting requirements of users
    Granite and marble in tiles or slabs from Ukrainian and foreign suppliers
    Architectural-structural products (entry groups, stairs, banisters and balusters, cornices and profiles, table-boards, window-sills, facing of fireplaces and columns, other products)
    Landscape architecture of natural stone
    Kerb stone, paving stone
    Facing with granite and marble.