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    Ukraine, Zhytomyr region
    12114, 3/20, Irshanska str., Nova Borova
    067 9964993, 066 333 38 08, 093 535 28 94
    PE "Contact" is a manufacturer of products of natural stone, both of standard sizes and according to custom designs and projects. Countertops, window sills, steps, risers, skirting boards with complex profiles, railings, vases, cornices - these are only part of the products we produce. Reveting of rooms (bathrooms and showers: wall and floor) Design and construction of building facades of natural stone, porches, countertops not only for home but also for cafes, bars and restaurants; Sculptured, engraved bas-relief work and the elements; Landscape design (fountains, alpine gardens, walking paths, benches) Making signs and exterior signs for the public and administrative buildings, work on individual projects (monuments, paintings on granite and marble sculptures, reliefs, ashtray, stands for musical centers, etc.). Manufacturing of monuments and gravestones structures - the stele stands, flower standard and custom configuration of granite and marble with a variety of engraving jobs. Manufacturing monuments of any configuration according to customer`s drawings. A wide range of stones of various colors (black, gray, red, green, dark blue) is available. Even the most ordinary thing, if it is made of natural stone gets the unique elegance, luxury and splendor. If you need natural stone products, we provide you with everything necessary.