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  • ADAGIO, Ltd

    Ukraine, Zhytomyr region
    12502, 29, Chervonykh Partyzaniv vul., Korostyshiv, Zhytomyrska obl., 12502, Ukraine
    (04130) 3-62-05 fax:(04130) 3-62-05
    Quarrying of gabbro blocks of Pivnichno-Slobidske deposit. Manufacturing of gabbro tombstones of any dimensions according to customer draws. The `Blues` gabbro of Pivnichno-Slobidske deposit is widely used at front facing, manufacturing of facing tiles, footsteps, stairs, as elements of floor granite mosaics and also at manufacturing of sculptures, monuments, tombs, vases, fireplaces etc
    The gabbro belongs to fine-grained stones by grain size and to 2nd group of hardness. It could be easily sawn and get high quality of polished surface. It features as homogeneous dark-grey, almost black with light greenish tint, coloration. It produces the black mirror effect in polished mode.