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  • DI-STAR, Ltd

    Ukraine, Poltava region
    36007, 45-A, Marshal Biruzov str., Poltava, Ukraine, 36007
    (0532) 508-721,760 fax:(0532) 508-202
    `Di-Star Ltd` is the leading manufacturer of diamond tools and equipment for stone-processing and construction companies in Eastern Europe
    At the present moment `Di-Star Ltd` offers the following products and services:
    -Segments and segmented blades of type 1A1RSS for cutting of granite, marble, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials,
    Laser-welded segmented blades of type 1A1RSS-W (d.230-600 mm). Blades are used for dry cutting,
    TURBO type blades, used on manual machines for cutting of construction materials and natural stones,
    Continuous rim blades of type 1A1R for cutting of granite, marble, ceramics, semiprecious stones,
    - Grinding cup wheels, Tools for stone polishing,
    - Drills for wet, dry cutting and adaptors to drills,
    - Individual tools according to client`s drawings,
    - Machines for stone-processing and construction industry (bench saw machines for cutting of stones, joint cutting machines for cutting of reinforced concrete, asphalt, drilling machines, road milling machines),
    Retipping of diamond tools.