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    Ukraine, Kyiv region
    s. Petrivske
    044 361-27-14 fax:044 200-50-65
    Hand tools manufactured by Utool and GROZ: hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, staplers, mechanical clamps and vices, sets of tools, engineering and measurement tools; Machines for wood- and metal-processing industry manufactured by company JET; Pneumatic equipment manufactured by Ceccato; Professional electric tools AEG and Eibenshock (Germany) - including for the wet mode; Petroleum generators Daishin; Industrial diesel power plants for industrial enterprises and cottage residential buildings, mobile diesel screw compressors Ingersoll Rand (USA); Welding equipment ERGUS and DECA, including contact welding and plasma cutting, battery chargers; Vibroplates, vibrorammers, screed vibrators and vibrators of pendulum-type, high-frequency converters, machines for smoothing concrete, seam-cutters. Landscape garden machines, motor cultivators and saws, trimmers and brush cutters Zenoah and Daishin; Diamond professional tools NOZAR and ProfiLine; Pumping equipment for filling oil products and fuel pump; Starting-charging devices for cars. Hoisting devices: pulleys, hydraulic cranes and rokls