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    Ukraine, Zhytomyr region
    11653, 1, Gagarina vul., s. Zabarne, Malynsky r-n
    The company "Argo-Stone" is engaged in quarrying blocks of deposits: gabbro (Bukovskaya-1) Galant and NEW green anorthosite (Lukovetskoe). Manufactures products of natural stone: paving stones dimensions of: 5-5-5, the number of m2 per tonne 8-8,3. 05-10-10, the number of m2 per tonne 7,2-7,5. 10-10-10, the number of m2 per tonne 3.2-3.4. Also there are tiles, curb stone, rock, wall stone, balusters, ritual sets. It is possible to manufacture individual orders.